Randall S. Boyd, as your probate attorney, will first determine if a probate is necessary. If a probate is required, the probate will handle the process of distribution of the estate of someone who has died through established probate procedure. I will serve the interests of the beneficiaries of an estate.

I will advise you on practical strategies to benefit fully from the provisions of the estate plan of someone you love. 

I will advise the personal representative of the estate. I will help secure probate and non-probate property and see that the intentions of the deceased are fully carried out. It is my job to help prepare and fill all documents required for probate proceedings within time.

As your probate attorney, I will consider if estate taxes due at both state and federal levels. If there are estate taxes or inheritance taxes due, I will find ways to source the cash and pay the taxes. If there are life insurance proceeds due for collection, I will help with that too. My goal is to see the probate process grant the wishes of the decedent for the beneficiaries of his or her estate. I will see to it that the validity of the decedent’s will is verified. I will help find, take stock of, and appraise the property of the deceased.

The execution of an estate may be a very emotionally charged process. However, it is vital that a probate attorney avoid distractions and sticks to facts, without giving way to vested interests. After over 45 years of law practice, I am well-versed in the laws and will offer you the best counsel in this matter.

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