There is probably no time in someone’s life when the benefits of careful and timely planning manifest better than at advanced age. At the Law Office of Randall S. Boyd, I offer timely assistance and counsel to the elderly and their families, in relation to several legal issues. I will assist you with estate planning, long-term care, and Medicaid, among other legal matters.

My legal assistance is designed to yield the highest possible quality of life for persons living to an advanced age. As an elder attorney, I will take a holistic approach when addressing the legal issues, you are facing. This includes addressing legal, medical, family, and financial dimensions.

I do not come in to help only when you are too old to do anything by yourself. You may get in touch for planning on how you wish to distribute your property when you die. You can discuss with me the options to secure your future health care, retirement home, housing requirements, and other preferences.

Careful planning for the future may also involve the setting up of trusts. There are also strategies to protect your assets by reducing their exposure to taxation, thereby ensuring optimal benefits to you and your dependents in the future.

The assistance I give you is much more than just expertise. Having practiced law for over 45 years, I have deep knowledge, not just clues, about the challenges the elderly community face day in and day out. Do not hesitate to consult the Law Office of Randall S. Boyd today for help with planning how to stay healthy and enjoy optimal quality of life, despite the physical, mental and financial constraints that may go with the aging process.