An estate plan strives to streamline succession when you are no longer there, securing your family and financial objectives. Yet, proper estate planning involves several elements. Fundamentally, an estate plan includes a will, which is a legal authority that dictates how your wealth and assets are to be distributed to named beneficiaries. An estate planning attorney from Law Office Of Randall S. Boyd in Denton, TX will help you plan the future of your family and business when you are alive.

A second important component of estate planning is power of attorney. Assigning power of attorney to your estate planning attorney grants that person the legal authority necessary to act on your behalf in private matters, business, or any other legal affair. You can trust me to offer your family appropriate legal advice during the interpretation and execution of your estate.

Estate planning may also touch on medical powers of attorney and/or living wills. The person you assign such powers makes medical decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to, for instance, in the event of a terminal illness or brain death. In a living will, you can declare whether you wish to be put or kept on life support if there is no hope of recovery.

With a durable medical power of attorney for healthcare, you make known all the healthcare decisions you would want your estate planning attorney to make on your behalf, provided you are unable to make the decisions yourself, and even if deathbed issues do not arise. I am an attorney you can trust to honor your will in such situations.

You may also include trusts in your estate planning. Trusts are a legally feasible option to minimize taxes on estate and gifts distributed upon someone’s death. These also minimize costs of distribution of assets to named beneficiaries. Get in touch with me to secure the financial future of your family when you are no longer there.