Who We Are

The Law Office Of Randall S. Boyd is built on my 40 years of experience practicing law in Denton, TX. I worked for two years at the Texas Attorney General’s office before launching into private law practice, a tradition my family has embraced passionately for many decades. My neighbors have for many years trusted and benefited from my legal advice and representation in resolving their personal and business legal needs.

Besides assisting my neighbors, I have also been the president of the Denton County Bar Association. I was involved in the establishment of the City of Denton Historical Commission, which I once chaired. I also took part in the founding of Denton County Friends of the Family.

I have made a mark in the civil society, helping groups such as the Denton County Arts Council. My family has supported my cause and practice, with my wife and me buying and restoring several Denton buildings of historical importance. My daughter practices law in Boston.

Although I have been involved in major cases of both state-wide and regional significance, I have treasured more the commitment to solving the day-to-day legal issues my neighbors face. I succeed in helping my clients because I treasure the values of wisdom and patience.

I will give you the advice you need regarding estate planning and probate litigation. My experience in elder law will also come in handy when dealing with related issues. See me today for a careful strategy out of the legal challenges you are facing.